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Edge of Heaven


Born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming, Guthrie has lived and worked in 23 countries. An honors graduate of USC in Los Angeles, this award-winning writer/producer (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Eric Sevareid Award) has worked on nuclear weapon and armor fire-control simulation systems. His knowledge of military hypersonics caused FBI CI6 to protect him for 10 months- from an intercepted KGB tasking order with his name on it. Guthrie has spoken to USAF and NASA audiences on the history and technology of hypersonics (a technology described in Edge of Heaven as the means by which the Chinese attack Yellowstone.)

John has produced television for Russian, American and Mexican audiences; and has worked on classified video projects for foreign naval and American military forces. He is a fine artist whose work sells worldwide with dealers including Paul Renoir of Paris. His research on econometrics (the behavior of money) was published by the University of Amsterdam Center for Non-linear dynamics in Economics and Finance (and is now under review by a major corporation in Silicon Valley).

For fun, John does high performance test and evaluation driving of Ferrari and Porsche.

John also enjoys driving his own high performance cars on race tracks like Laguna Seca (where he laps within seconds of current production car records) and sharing these experiences in print.

John Guthrie

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Magazine writing examples

Video writing example (Paris Air Show).

Orson Welles said this slide show,co-produced by Guthrie, had "the best script" he ever narrated.
The program, "Earthwalk" was sold to Kodak and became the best-attended "event slide show in the company's history.